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                An Organized  Database of writers & Established  Authors

I started writing at an early age. I enjoy the expression of creativity  through the power of writing.

Tops Social Media Male & Female Writers is a unique database made up of authors, and  dedicated writers from all backgrounds in which readers and agents can experience. 

Top Social Media Male & Female Writers.com Provide an outlet for artist  to shine. Showcasing established authors and future bestselling  artist into the spotlight is what we do.  Stop by to read about the latest projects  in the book and movie industry. 

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My name is Emunah La-Paz  co- founder of , 'Top Social Media Male & Female Writers.com'  our outlet for writers.

Through our sister company LAPwe work with major film studios, Warner Bros, 21st Century Fox and Lionsgate, just to name a few. I love writing and producing, video blogs which present writers and authors from all backgrounds. This is an outlet for writers to showcase their talent, as well as an outlet for well-known writers to display their exciting new projects.