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Launched In August 2014, Top Social Media Male & Female Writers.com is dedicated to creating and implementing the digital online mobile strategy for promoting male and female authors as well as the movie industry.
Some of our articles are affiliated with the Hubpages  an outlet which reaches out to over 42 million people  a month. We also utilize twitter to reach out to readers as well.

We provide a unique style of author and movie  videos that includes detailed history about your movie or novel. Our Well known authors,  include New York Times Best-Selling Author Bella Andre,  Jan Moran, Bestselling Author for St. Martin's Press & Serial Entrepreneur, Ann Leary, Author of the Bestselling novel and upcoming movie  ‘The Good House’. Just to name a few.

Our  movies include Disney’s smash hit ‘Frozen’, and The Hit Movie and bestselling book, 'Heaven Is For Real, and The Blockbuster sensation ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’.
Just to name a few. 

If you are interested in advertising through Top Social Media Male & Female Writers. Com, and would like to know more about how we can inform the world about the details of your sensational movie or novel, Please contact us.

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