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  Sonia Abril Medina The  Defining Artist Of Our Time


Artist Sonia Abril Medina: Cover Artist, Defining handcrafted painter, Graphic Design Interior Decor

​​​​Artist 'SAMZDESIGNZ' Defines Her Passion For Art

Find Out How To Tap Into Your Creative Side

The Artist Sonia Abril Medina known as , “SAMZDESIGNZ”, is of Mexican Spanish descendant born in Sonora Mexico, an establishment known for its talented artistry. 

Artist Sonia Abril clung to her creative roots as she was raised in Arizona, her love for abstract art and painting has developed into a meaningful gift admired by passionate art lovers all across the country.

SAMZ has worked on notable pieces, such as the cover for the best-selling book, ‘Chocolate Burnout’ by, Author Emunah La-Paz.
A newly produced piece for an upcoming novel entitled, ‘Flower Girl’ And her newly produced piece entitled, ‘Rose under the Clouds’ designed for the Up-and-Coming Poet Miss. Understood. Abril’s talents do not stop there as she enjoys interior designing and Free Style Artistry.
Top Social Media Male & Female Writers.com is proud to welcome Sonia Abril as one of our lead graphic designers and artist overseeing the creative side of upcoming novels surrounding our unique projects emerging in the future. In a recent interview we obtained the opportunity to interview this beautiful artist.
Q. What inspires you to create?
Anything can inspire me to create; I think that a mind of a designer never stops creating pretty pictures in their head or the idea of making something dull come alive.

Q. What do you like doing the most drawing or interior design?

 I think they both come into play because before I "design" a drawing takes place, the satisfaction of bringing a drawing to life is the ultimate gratification. A greater satisfaction is when you meet the clients' needs and they are just as happy as you are with the end result.

Q. How old were you when you first discovered that you liked art?
SAMZ. I think I was five years old, as a little girl I would turn my bedroom into a jungle with tree leaves and tree trunks that I would cut down from our backyard. My father would bring home pieces of wood or anything I could use to build stuff, it's funny... now that I think about it because I didn't care for toys or dolls-I preferred bricks or pieces of wood anything that I could use to build stuff.

What advice do you have for future artist?
 My advice would be to not take offense if some people don't appreciate your talent because not everyone will but the one's that do will love your work and will motivate you to keep designing,creating and drawing. An artist should always keep an open mind and be willing to explore every aspect of the world of ART. Most importantly be passionate about your work and let your work reflect it....

Who is your favorite artist and why?

Among a variety of favorites the one who I absolutely love is
John Saladino one of my favorite Interior Designers his design and elegance reflects in all his work and my personal design style.  
 What projects are you currently working on?  

 I'm currently working on two design covers for two novels as well as restoring some pieces of furniture to showcase in First Friday downtown Phoenix.
Do you ever have dry spells as an artist? And if so how do you overcome those moments?  SAMZ. Yes definitely, there's times when my mind is not creative at all and honestly those days are very rare but it has happened and the way I overcome those episodes is by playing music, that inspires my creative side and the music also depends on my mood, it can vary from AC/DC to SADE. I think of a thousand ideas as my hand hits a blank paper until my design comes to life!