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The following books capture the essence of

spiritual relationships.

The books listed speak to spirit.

Some of the books speak to the spirit through personal tragedies, and some speak to the spirit through broken relationship and personal growth. 

The Shack
Deep in the Oregon backwoods Mackenzie Allen Phillipe’s finds himself in the shack. The cold hut is the place where his youngest daughter Missy, had been brutally murdered. Mackenzie’s bottomless pain leads him into a journey of deep- soul searching and redemption.

Chocolate Burnout: Dump The Guy Eat The Chocolate
Chocolate is the most craved food among men and women, and Chantel Reed, is addicted to chocolate, and the wrong relationships.

Reed's bad decisions are due to her painful past. However, she finds out that there is not enough chocolate in the world to cure her pain.

Dealing with the loss of a close friend, will take honesty deep from within. 
Memoir of A Jaded Woman: Tainted Love
In this riveting exploration of love, marriage, fame and beauty, Judie, an insecure fashion model, becomes baffled when she finds out that the woman her husband left her for is rather plain and works at a fast food restaurant. Judie's outspoken friend describes the other woman as unattractive and believes that Judie's husband, J.T.,"cheated down."To make matters worse, Judie's circumstances are exposed on a popular social media blog. The healing and support that Judie seeks is nowhere to be found, and the response is harsh and demeaning. Rejection prompts the timid model to break away from social media and the judgmental world in search of inner healing.