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The Truth About Modeling.

Pursuing a career in modeling is not- for the weak at heart.

If modeling is your career choice, you must brace yourself for rejection. Most important, you may want to ask yourself why- you want to become a model. Most teenage girls and some women, associate modeling with beauty. In truth, beauty fades. The life span for modeling, can be a short ride. You may need a backup plan.  

                      The Life Of  A Model 

   A former model named Judie, hated returning home from a long shoot to an empty hotel room. Judie spent many lonely nights  wishing for more. Her yearning for a relationship outside of beauty, led her down a painful road of rejection.  With time- Judie healed after she realized that she was broken inside.  Judie  discovered  that she tried to escape through  modeling, as way to feel good about herself.  Yet modeling, was a cold and demanding road that did not bring true love, or inner peace. 


​                            Judie's Story!

    Memoir of A Jaded Woman: Tainted Love 

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Do You Have What It Takes

To Be A Model?