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It takes courage to embrace yourself.

The world sets unrealistic standards. Stay true to yourself, by embracing your own beauty. There is only one-you! And you only have one-life to live! 

Just Do You!


           Embrace your natural inner beauty

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The truth about weaves is that  many African American women wear weaves to protect their natural hair. 

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Another inner struggle, is body Image. 

80 Percent of Women In The U.S. Are Dissatisfied With Their Body Image

(Emunah La-Paz Defines You)

Do to unrealistic images on social media and 

television women are becoming hard on their bodies. Studies are showing that women are dealing with body image issues starting in elementary school.  A solution if more brands catered to women of different sizes and from all backgrouds insecurities would stop.

Certain changes are starting to happen thanks to celebs like Rihanna who created a beauty line for all skin types. Although body image may seem diffrent from makeup the truth is people want to see more people who resemble who they are. 

*Take A Look At Fenty By Rihanna *

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Inner Truth

           About The Author Emunah La-Paz 


Emunah La-Paz (meaning Faith of Peace; born Vicki L. Williams) is an American author. Her first book Chocolate Burnout  embraces multi-cultural heritage, and is recognized in the Mavin foundation database of books by authors who touch on interracial relationships. In 2016, La-Paz published the book, Memoir of A Jaded Woman, a story based on real life events about a beautiful supermodel that becomes baffled when her husband leaves her for a so-called "unattractive woman". The book, based on the original blog, follows a woman as she tries to move on after her bitter and very public break-up.

Author Emunah La-Paz Founder of Model Intelligent  LLC

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