It takes courage to embrace yourself.

The world sets unrealistic standards. Stay true to yourself, by embracing your own beauty. There is only one-you! And you only have one-life to live! 

Just Do You!

The truth about weaves is that  many African American women wear weaves to protect their natural hair. 

Inner Truth

            Life is an endless Journey of self discovery. 

My search for inner acceptance was quite the journey when I was growing up. My search for inner acceptance led me to the Miss. Black Arizona Pageant. It was there that one of the contestants told me that I was built like a white woman and would not win due to my bone structure. "Black women have curves." She said.   What shocked me the most was when the young lady that made this statement, won the pageant. 

My search for inner acceptance continued to plague me. Knowing that the color of my skin and the structure of my body frame put me in a category of my own.

With time,  and through my personal faith, I learned to embrace my flaws and my physical characteristics that make me uniquely different.

throughout my journey I learned that every woman regardless of their background searches for inner acceptance and outward beauty.  

I discovered that many women fight against unfair stereotypes.


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           Embrace your natural inner beauty

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Emunah La-Paz (meaning Faith of Peace; born Vicki L. Williams) is an American author. Her first book Chocolate Burnout  embraces multi-cultural heritage, and is recognized in the Mavin foundation database of books by authors who touch on interracial relationships. In 2016, La-Paz published the book, Memoir of A Jaded Woman, a story based on real life events about a beautiful supermodel that becomes baffled when her husband leaves her for a so-called "unattractive woman". The book, based on the original blog, follows a woman as she tries to move on after her bitter and very public break-up.

Another inner struggle, is body Image. 

80 Percent of Women In The U.S. Are Dissatisfied With Their Body Image

(Emunah La-Paz Defines You)

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