T. S. M. M. & F. W. 

Directed by Jonathan Heap  and Screenplay By David Lipper and Jonathan Heap

The storyline is captivating, with a Sci-Fi - Classic- Twilight Zone feel. Lipper's film showcases his seasoned acting ability that could lead on the road to collecting an Oscar as best actor given the perfect-prize role in which only he-can deliver.

This timeless and beautiful film won the Award- For Best International Short. 

Director and writer  Maxence Cazorla was able to capture the true essence of unconditional love.  The actors are captivating! Shawn Roe delivers an amazing performance! Cinematographer Teddy Masson brings energy through his lense and ability to develop the beauty of life through his vision.l Cazorla and Masson make a great team! Keep an eye on these talented young actors and filmakers we may see them grabbing an Oscar soon! 

  Distinct  Screenplay 

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     We Love All Of The Actors & Actress Nominated!

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What An Original Concept! Hats of to the Director  Lil Rel Howery and actor,  Daniel Kaluuya. Daniel's ability to become vulnerable and then instantly have to fight for his life toward the end was simply engaging.  The move and the actors drew us in.

The Star Power In This Movie is Amazing. The talented lady from the sitcom MOM! Allison Janney Amazining Actress! Margot Robbie beautiul and the girl and the girl can act! Fearlessly notable! 

     The Chandler International Film Festival 

Many believe that this ironic love story may when due to its unique story. This is what it takes to be a contender!