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           Wisdom Is Like A Beautiful Bride! 

Embrace Her! Love Her! 

She IS Your Gift From God.

Ask -And You Will Receive  

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PROVERBS Chapter 3  Vs 22-35

She will be life to your soul a fine jewel of grace around your neck. With the knowledge of wisdom you can walk safely. You will fear nothing.

Do not be afraid of sudden problems, or evil from those who hate you. The Lord is your confidence, and He will keep you from walking into traps. 

Do not keep good from those who deserve it, especially when it is in your power to act.

Do not say to your friends or neighbor,  I'll give it tomorrow or when you have it to give.  

Instantly Act upon your promises . 

Do not plot evil against your friends. (Vs. 29)

For he dwells by your side for safety's sake." 

Do not argue with a person without reason, if they have done nothing to you. 

Do not envy a person that oppresses others, do not choose the path of a perverse person.

The type of person that does not hold justice is an abomination to the Lord.( Vs. 32)  

A secret meeting is with those who stand for justice.

The curse of the Lord will rule over the house of the evil individuals.  

The Lord protects the house of the just. 

The scornful He will Scorn (Vs 34) He will give grace to the humble. 

Vs 35 The wise will be granted glory, and to those who scorn/ mock a legacy fit for a fool.

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​​​The book of Proverbs is about seeking the truth and wise counsel.

Leaning not on your own understanding but relying on a strength greater than your own. To fear God out of respect for his teaching is important to secure a rich life, not only through prosperity but through health and Godly-knowledge, which surpasses worldly understanding. 

Emunah La-Paz looks at proverbs as a beautiful woman. Through wisdom she sustains her beauty outwardly and most important through inwardly. Not bowing down to peer pressure or selfish ambitions.  

We invite you to taste the fruit of the Holy Spirit. To drink the water from the well of wisdom. Through Godly understanding you will never thirst or hunger again. 

To Understand the importance of wisdom one must look at wisdom as a beautiful woman offering spiritual food water and honesty through the Holy Spirit.  Be open to her words, for she speaks eternal life. 

Chapter One 

Known as the Proverbs of Solomon the son of David, King of Israel Speaks:

(vs. 2) To understand wisdom  is to grasp the root of knowledge. 

(Vs. 3) Receiving direction from wisdom is to obtain Justice, judgement and the balance of what is most important. (vs 4) to give a sense of understanding to those who lack direction. 

To young men and

women understanding and wisdom is needed.

(Vs5) A wise man will hear what is right and will hunger to learn. The person of understanding will search for advice. (Vs6) To obtain a proverb is mysterious to many people. The words of the wise seems like riddles to people who lack understanding. 

(Vs.7) One must fear the Lord to obtain the secret of knowledge

(Know that there is something greater than yourself, do not be prideful)  

 ​(Yet it is sad,) (Vs.7) Those who lack compassion hate- instruction. 

              Proverbs 8-14 Coming Soon 

               Vs 8- Listen to wisdom the instruction of an all knowing Father. 

Do not ignore the teaching of your mother. Vs.9- Wisdom is like wearing a beautiful ornament on your head and rich chains around your neck. Vs 10-Listen Children if corrupt people sway you into the wrong direction, open your eyes to discern the truth. Vs 11- The careless wait to harm others in secret. They shed blood without cause. Vs12- They will be dealt with through the consequence of Sheol (Hell)  A dark Pit. Vs 13- The motives of the unrighteous seek only wealth for themselves, and their houses. 

Vs. 14- 15-Don't follow those that want you to join them in their quest for wealth through injustice and evil gain.

Be wise Children do not walk with those who chase after wealth through heartless motives. Vs. 16-19

Those that chase after blood for their gain, only thinking of themselves, will be captured like a bird in a trap. Their life will be taken due to greedy intentions. 

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Proverbs 20 The Call For Wisdom 

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The Book Of Proverbs

The Call of Wisdom 

Wisdom calls aloud for all to hear! She is not afraid to speak the truth to those who carelessly live. Fools try to mock her, because they hate the truth, yet at the end Wisdom has the last laugh. Her words slay the fools that rebuke her.
Those who embrace her guidance will live secure without fear of destruction.

The Value of Wisdom
Accept His words. Open your ears and listen to the beauty of wisdom. Take her into your heart. She listens when you cry out for understanding, and guidance. Seek her like riches, discover her hidden treasures! Then you will understand the fear and the knowledge of OUR-Father in Heaven, for Wisdom, was created by Him. 
Proverbs Chapter 2 Vs 1-6


The Value Of Wisdom
 He created a shield for those to be protected through justice. For those who embrace her are His saints. Wisdom will bring you understanding, righteousness and justice. Wisdom is fair! When wisdom enters your heart She is knowledge to the soul. Wisdom can't shine in darkness. She is not attracted to perverse behavior. Everyone should desire wisdom like man searching for an honest woman, and woman searching for a loving man.  ✌️ Proverbs Chapter 2 vs 7-16

​The Value Of Wisdom

Beware of the seductress who charms companions with her youth. The unwise forget their love for God. Their house leads down the road of death. The deceptive path does not offer life. 
Walk in the way of Wisdom. Even though it may seem hard to do, seek righteousness. 
For longevity is your faithful reward and a life without blame or harm is yours. Know that those who seek evil do not last they are uprooted due to their own unfaithful circumstances. 

Guidance For The Young
Do not let mercy and truth leave you. Secure mercy and truth around your neck. Engrave these words inside your heart. ❤️
Proverbs Chapter 3 Vs. 3.

Find Favor and self-esteem in the sight of Our Heavenly Father and then men. Trust in Our Father with all of your inner being, do not rely on your own knowledge, in every way acknowledge Him and He-will make your journey straight  💕
Proverbs Chapter 3: 4-6

Proverbs Chapter 3: Vs.  7-10

 Do not be wise in your own understanding; Have respect  for our Father for He will revenge all wrong-doing and hate. 
 Because of your faith, your body will thrive.
 Honor our Father with your blessings, with the first fruits of all your earnings;  out of respect for our Father he will Bless you in every way, your house will overflow in abundance.

Proverbs Chapter 3: Vs. 11-22 

This verse is about not becoming angry with God for educating us through the hardships in life, and not to become envious of those who seem to be moving ahead due to evil doing. Hardships make us stronger.

And all though it is painful His direction through wisdom is more precious than gold. 

Through wisdom we can add longevity to our lives. We should bind his teachings around our next. 

Wisdom surpasses the earth and upholds the heavens.  We are to hang on to wisdom, she is our life support fashioned by God.  Let wisdom never depart from our lives.

​We are afraid because we can't see the future. Yet, if we walk with with God, we will not stumble. Our Father will give us sweet dreams. Even though this life brings sudden terror, and trouble from hateful people, God is our confidence, He will protect us from all harm.