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The truth is, we are spirtitual beings- living in a materalistic world. Even though we long to be the Boss- of our own destiney, our true purpose goes beyond our understanding. Earthly processions will never solve the problems  on spiritual level. The depth of our nature goes beyond  the understanding of this world. . True guidence,  comes for the essence of wisdom, through The Holy Spirit. 

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In the movie Clueless, Cher dives into retail therapy as she sufferes through her emotions. Even though this movie is a comedy, there is truth in what the chracter expeiriences through her time of pain, and inner discovery, involving her relationships.Does retail therapy work? 

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In Madonna's Video Material Girl, materialistic goals seem to solve all- of her problems. The song paints a picture that we are living in a material world, therefore earthly possessions can solve problems.